Strange Grooves (Volume 6) with Ray Gracewood

Ray Gracewood joins us for Volume 6.

On this episode, we dive into some of Ray’s favorite records and the memories associated with them. We chat recent concert experiences, including his 40th birthday Guns N’ Roses surprise, and much more…

Ray tells us about a very cool Headstones experience from about 15 years ago and a few Matt Mays memories. We chat The StrumbellasBlue QuarterStars, all things Area 506, and the intimate experiences with the bands that go along with running a festival and how listening to them afterward can feel. We dig into some of our favorite vinyl recordings and how incredible live music can be for everyone and all ages.

The first record Ray introduced us to is the second album by Canadian band, Ox, released in 2006. They are from Vancouver. Really incredible sound. American Lo Fi is the record that you are hearing in the background of this episode.

We also chat about the first record that stands out to us or that we lived through and Ray brought his Loverboy album. If you are not listening yet… press play and turn it up to find out more.” – Cherise & Cait, November 10th, 2017

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