SRC President on David Moscrop’s Too Dumb for Democracy? reading

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Last week I attended one of the many events that the Lorenzo Society holds each year: a reading by David Moscrop, the author of Too Dumb for Democracy? (2019). Like all Lorenzo Society events that I have attended, the author was extremely engaging and the conversation he led really made you think about your own ideas, beliefs, and political opinions. Events like this are what shape a university, draw in community members, and engage students in meaningful dialogue.

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This talk was especially interesting considering the upcoming federal election. It offered new perspectives to our current political landscape and showed the importance of information and how it can be used for political gain. David Moscrop painted an accurate picture of how information in this age of false information can influence our electoral process and how it’s not necessarily which information is right or wrong but just which info fits what we want to believe.

It was rather disappointing, however, not to see many other students in attendance; speakers like these can give students a new perspective on their studies or even give them their next big idea for a paper or thesis project. Not only are Lorenzo readings interesting, but they are extremely educational and remind me of the original foundations of universities: the exchange of ideas, debating ideas, and walking away with a new outlook on the topic.

I look forward to seeing what the next Lorenzo Society event has to offer and I hope, as our university continues to grow and prosper, so too will this amazing society of engaged community members, UNB faculty, and students. 

Editor’s Note: Lorenzo Review columnist Robert Finn will be publishing a comprehensive review of Too Dumb for Democracy? later this month. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook for updates!

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