“Empty Chairs” (A Poetic Photo Essay)

Unexpectedly, we were hit like a hurricane without warning.
We never would’ve guessed it, five years from we are standing.
Within months, we changed and adapted,
Like a snake that shed but never left its skin.

Slowly, we transitioned into a new way of life.
We never really liked it, but choice is out of the question.
Boredom, gratitude, rage, peace, and frustration,
Feelings we never really expected to be felt at the same time.

Every single action we used to do, was limited,
But not the good kind like our grandmas’ collection.
It became a test for relationships that were usually on a paved road.
Challenging, but somehow, creative brains help us get through.

Gradually, we step again into empty buildings,
Hoping to return to our fast-paced and old ways of life,
But we know, time is still in query and our memories are still scarring,
Until then, we patiently wait for these empty chairs to be filled.

Hannah Jen Otilla is a Communications Studies student at UNB Saint John. As part of a COMx project, she is writing poetic photo essays for The Lorenzo Review. Keep an eye out for her next submission!
To learn more about contributing to The Lorenzo Review for extra credit in your Communications Studies courses, speak to your instructor and email jessica.raven@unb.ca.