I WENT ON A JOURNEY (A Photographic Fairy Tale)

I went on a journey, not knowing where to go.
I first saw a tiger with a wound on his paw.
I tried helping him, but he gave me a roar
So, I just kept going with a visible frown.

A snake then saw what happened back there.
She hissed and talked with great despair.
“This is a dangerous road. You surely are unaware.”
I smiled at her, but she left with no care.

I continued my journey to a place unknown.
Then, met a dog playing the trombone.
I clapped and whistled and gave him a bone.
He said, “Thank you, kindly,” then left me alone.

I went back to the track of my crazy journey.
Then, saw a sea lion catching fish in the sea.
She saw me as well and honked with glee.
“You seemed tired, dear traveller, care to follow me?”

I followed the sea lion and asked what she meant.
She said, “I’m just being kind and needing a friend.”
She led me to a cave where she has cooked bread.
She gave it to me, and I regained my strength.

I left the cave and went back on my journey.
I encountered a monkey so weak and so thirsty.
He stopped in front of me and asked for a drink.
I gave him one and he snatched my bag in a blink.

Left with nothing, I carried on with my journey.
I then bumped into a bear savouring honey.
He asked, “Are you okay? You seem so lonely.”
I smiled and sat beside him and told him my story.

The bear offered me a place for the day.
We crossed a bridge and reached a wondrous bay.
We went inside a small hut made of hay.
He said, “It’s nothing much but please enjoy your stay.”

That one day turned into many weeks.
I built my own hut with learned techniques.
I even discovered how to make a candle wick
And he even taught me how to cook some fish sticks!

I went on a journey, not knowing where to go,
But found a friend and found a place to call home.

Hannah Jen Otilla is a Communications Studies student at UNB Saint John. As part of a COMx project, she is writing poetic photo essays for The Lorenzo Review. Keep an eye out for her next submission!
To learn more about contributing to The Lorenzo Review for extra credit in your Communications Studies courses, speak to your instructor and email jessica.raven@unb.ca.