Are you a UNB student, faculty or staff member who is passionate about arts and culture? Consider submitting to our new publication, The Lorenzo Review! We welcome all varieties of arts & culture content, including book/film/television/theatre/music reviews, opinion pieces about current events in the arts & culture sector, creative writing (i.e. poetry & short fiction), creative essays, short films, photography, artwork, and anything else that a submitter can possibly think of! All that we ask is that you follow the guidelines below:

  1. All submitters must be affiliated with the University of New Brunswick. This includes current students, staff, and faculty members, and alumni. Exceptions will be made for past affiliates of the Lorenzo Society such as authors, musicians, artists, etc. who have been a part of the Lorenzo Reading, Music, and/or Art Series.
  2. Content must be original. Copyright infringement and plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  3. Content must not include slander, libel, or hateful language targeted at individuals or groups with the intent to cause or incite harm, be it physical or emotional.

Contributors are encouraged to submit a variety of content; don’t feel limited to only write reviews or only take photos, etc. Make your mark on the arts & culture scene in as many ways possible! Acceptable content is not limited to an Atlantic Canadian or even a Canadian cultural sphere; you are encouraged to think outside of the box and submit content centered around what you are passionate about, no matter where it originates. The Lorenzo Review‘s mission is to promote global arts & culture.

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