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I WENT ON A JOURNEY (A Photographic Fairy Tale)

I went on a journey, not knowing where to go.I first saw a tiger with a wound on his paw.I tried helping him, but he gave me a roarSo, I just kept going with a visible frown. A snake then saw what happened back there.She hissed and talked with great despair.“This is a dangerous road.…

“Empty Chairs” (A Poetic Photo Essay)

Unexpectedly, we were hit like a hurricane without warning. We never would’ve guessed it, five years from we are standing.Within months, we changed and adapted, Like a snake that shed but never left its skin. Slowly, we transitioned into a new way of life.We never really liked it, but choice is out of the question.Boredom,…

The Beauty of New Brunswick: Part 1 (Photography)

“An Overcast Afternoon” (Cape Spencer) “A Short Walk on a Long Beach” (Irving Nature Park, Saint John) “Happy Trails” (Cape Spencer) “Over There” (Queen’s Square, Saint John) “After Hours” (UNB Saint John)   To see the second half of Emily’s photography series, check back on Friday, October 26th! You can also follow Emily on Instagram.