(COMx) Internships

Internship Opportunities

Are you a Communications Studies student at UNB Saint John? Are you eligible to submit a COMx project for a percentage of your final grade? Consider completing an internship at The Lorenzo Review! Our co-creators, Andrea Kikuchi and Jessica Raven, are eager to teach you the ins-and-outs of working for a publication and getting you an awesome grade in your class. For more information, please speak to your respective Communications Studies professor. At the moment, The Lorenzo Review is searching for:

Content Contributors:

Are you passionate about writing, performing, filmmaking, photography, etc? Do you want a place to feature the content that you create? Become a content contributor! We welcome any and all content (that adheres to the guidelines above). Students interested in this position will be asked to produce content of their choice biweekly.

Event Reporters:

Are you interested in the Lorenzo Reading and/or Music Series? Do you want the chance to speak with authors, musicians, and patrons? Would you like to learn more about journalistic reporting and writing? Then being an event reporter is the job for you. Students who choose this position will be asked to attend as many Lorenzo Society events as their schedule allows and to write articles recapping the events which adhere to the Canadian Press Styleguide. These articles should include a summary of the event (who/what/when/where/why) and interviews with event attendees and/or the author/musicians featured at the event. [NOTE: contact information can be provided should the student wish to conduct an interview prior to the event.] If you don’t have prior experience with journalistic writing and/or the Canadian Press Styleguide, don’t worry! Jessica Raven, co-creator of The Lorenzo Review, has copy-editing experience and is happy to teach you everything that you need to know. It sounds intimidating but is actually quite simple!

Event Photographers:

Do you love taking photos? Are you looking to practice and improve your skills? Consider becoming an event photographer for your internship! Like an event reporter, these students will be asked to attend as many Lorenzo Society events as their schedule allows and to take high quality photos of the featured author/musicians and the audience present. [NOTE: “high quality photos” refers to photographs taken with a digital camera. This does not include photos taken with a cellphone, as to do so would require very little effort on the student’s part in comparison to other internship positions, and because using a cellphone does not clearly identify the student to event patrons as an event photographer. Should the student not own a camera, there are several available to be rented from the Hans W. Klohn Commons.]

Students interested in obtaining a COMx internship with The Lorenzo Review must email our co-creators to discuss what role they would like to perform by the deadline in your course syllabus. Once a role has been agreed upon, you must confirm it with your professor. Should you miss the deadline for a COMx internship, but are aware that it will be provided in another course the following semester, you may join our team early in any of these roles, to be finalized later by your professor in the respective course.

Should any of these positions be of interest to students not eligible for a COMx internship, consider discussing internship opportunities with your professors in other faculties or join our team as a regular contributor! [NOTE: At this early stage, funding is not available to pay contributors, but we welcome anyone looking for publishing credits! In lieu of this, we do allow contributors to submit work published with us to other publications, as well.]

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