Strange Grooves (Volume 7) with Wayne Long

Wayne Long joins us for Volume 7.

On this episode, we do a deep dive into some of Wayne’s fondest concert experiences; his favorite records; his current playlists; a surprise Tom Petty appearance that happened in New York; his love for live music; how the music community has been a huge part of his life, and much, much more. Grab your headphones and turn it up!

Wayne is a wonderful dude to chat about music with. He has an abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm that you can really feel. He loves to play music live and loves to share his experiences; last week (November 5-11th, 2017) he shared a post on Facebook about his first concert experience.

There are over 200 comments on the post from people in the Saint John area, which is an incredibly awesome sight to see now that Strange Grooves is a thing; we really want to engage with people in the area, bring them out, listen to music together, and really have a community of music lovers that love to share conversation, knowledge and much more about the music they love.

We were honored that Wayne was able to join us and we urge you to listen to the podcast above! There are some really fun and shocking stories he told us as the conversation unfolded. Thanks for listening!

#KeepItStrange” – Cherise & Cait, November 16th, 2017

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