Why Covers Matter (a Lorenzo By Night feature)

Lorenzo By Night host: Andrea Kikuchi

On Lorenzo By Night (which airs every Sunday night on Local 107.3 FM from 8:30-9:00 PM), host Andrea Kikuchi makes a special effort to play cover tracks, especially those produced by Canadian artists. You may be asking yourself, “Why?” To answer that question, she plays them because covers are awesome, but there is also a deeper logic to her choice.

“I think covers are a great way for new artists, especially Canadians, to make a name for themselves,” Kikuchi explains and she is absolutely correct. Our Canadian airwaves are largely dominated by content from the United States and Great Britain, even with the strict rules of the CRTC which state that “at least 35% of the Popular Music broadcast between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. [from] Monday to Friday [must be] Canadian content.” By covering songs that are already well-known, Canadian breakout artists have found a clever way to ensure that listeners don’t switch the radio station during that 35% – which is mutually beneficial for radio show hosts like Kikuchi who play them.

Along with the Canadian element, Kikuchi praises the virtues of covers in general.

“Covers really break down a song to its core elements,” she states, citing Rachel Beck’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” in particular. “By taking away the dance music element of the track, you’re made to focus on the lyrics and you realize two things: 1) that it’s a really good song, and 2) that it’s absolutely heartbreaking. You don’t think about the meaning behind the lyrics when you’re dancing along with Whitney Houston, but there is a distinct sense of loneliness at the song’s core that Beck’s cover conveys.”

For your listening pleasure, The Lorenzo Review has compiled a playlist of cover tracks, Canadian and international, that Andrea loves. Listen below and remember to follow us on Spotify for more great playlists just like it.

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